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The view by the poolside is absolutely stunning.

Spain, Land and Sea

I love Spain. It is my road not taken, so I go back as often as possible. The count is up to at least seven trips. I try to visit a different region every time…

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Breakfast at Willa Jean's

What to Eat in New Orleans – 2022

It’s been three years since I posted my last “What to Eat in New Orleans”. Thanks to Covid, you never knew what restaurant was going to temporarily close for multiple reasons, or shut its doors…

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Ere Be Dragons by Paperboy

Wallpaper Happiness

I am not an interior decorator, nor am I a graphic designer. Years ago, I broke down and started hiring a home design professional to pare down any decor decision to a dozen or so…

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Traveling in the Time of Corona

Traveling in the Time of Corona

Before Covid-19, I traveled a LOT. My friends and family couldn’t keep track of where I was. I’m blessed; I have always dreamed of traveling extensively.  Enter, “The ‘Rona”. In March, I stayed in one place…

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Hiding Behind the Second Amendment

Hiding Behind the Second Amendment

Years ago, by bitter coincidence, I went to a Gun Control Panel, hosted by Melissa Kane and Rob Simmelkjaer, who were running for Westport, CT Selectmen (mayors). Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) was there, as well as Newtown Action…

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Close up image of a girl drinking a milkshake at a café

2019: What to Eat – New Orleans Dining

 Less than two years ago, I posted my first “What to Eat”  for New Orleans.  Some of the restaurants still stand, others were hearsay recommendations that I finally visited, and then there were those found…

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Close up image of a lady with brown hairs smiling at the camera

Carrie is the new Judy Garland

Let’s face it. This year has seen way too many people leaving us before their time. The first for me was Prince.  He was on my Top Five performers to see.  Sadly, I scratched him,…

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